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Boutique Group Exercise  Series


We're sooo excited to introduce the first Waves Boutique Group Exercise Series!

What is this all about?

We found out that many people don't know what to do once they've completed their physical therapy treatments.  Some never progress their exercises, and others are afraid to go to a gym because they're afraid of re-injury.  You can hire a personal trainer, but personal trainers are not trained to work on people who have injuries or conditions/diseases. 


So why come to us?

Physical Therapists are highly educated and trained to work with individuals who are recovering from injury/illness and those who have pre-existing conditions.  We want to make sure that people have a safe and trusted place to go so they can continue to get better even after health insurance stops paying for treatments. 

We didn't want to just offer a group exercise option so we came up with the 

Boutique Group Exercise concept.

What does Boutique Group Exercise mean?!

It means we'll never have more than 6 participants in each group. 

It means we can give each person individual attention throughout the session. 

It means you don't get lost in the crowd. 

It means you get the proper guidance every step of the way. 

It means a highly trained professional is conducting the classes. 

It means we all get to have fun!

We guide you through the process AND we go through this with you! 

The programs are designed so you have fun while working on your fitness goals.  

We’ll make your journey remarkably fun!

You may not even realize you’ll be spreading the fitness fever!


We all have a choice…we always do.

Foundations to Bone Health Series


This 6-week program is the first step to healthier bones and better balance.  
Each week will build on the previous week's activities so

everyone has to go through this course.

The exercises are Pilates-based, but highly modified to focus on building bone density, improving balance, as well as increasing strength and flexibility.

We will meet once a week for 6 weeks. 

Each session will be about 45 minutes.

Please wear comfortable clothing that can move with you.

Healthy Bones & Balance Series


Coming Soon!

Bone Building Series


Coming Soon!

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