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  • What should I bring on my first visit?
    On your first visit, necessary items to bring are your driver’s license, insurance card (not necessary if you are a private paying patient), doctor’s referral if needed (we check this for you), any medical information (including: X-ray, MRI, or CT scan).
  • Do you take insurance?
    Yes! We take many health insurance plans These are the common ones: -United Health Care -Blue Cross Blue Shield -Medicare -Triwest -Tricare -AARP Medicare Complete and Supplement -Various Worker's Comp plans -Various Automobile Insurance plans that have MedPay *Please call us to verify that we accept yours!
  • What if you don't take my insurance, but I still want to come?"
    Your 1st Option: You'd be considered "Private Pay". This means the 1st visit, which includes a thorough evaluation, is $125. Appointments after that are $85. Your 2nd Option: If you have been in an accident you can see us with "Med Pay" or "Medical Lien". Med Pay is the medical coverage you or the other party's CAR INSURANCE has set aside for accidents. Medical Lien is through an attorney you have from the car accident.
  • How long are appointments?
    Appointments are 45-50 minutes long. Make sure to come in 15 minutes early for your first appointment in order to fill out necessary paperwork.
  • Do I need a doctor's referal?
    Depending on your insurance, you may need to have one. We check your insurance information for you before your first visit so you know what to expect. If you are "Private Pay", "Medical Lien" or "Med Pay", you will NOT.
  • Who will be treating me?
    We have two treating staff: Ruthie Jimenez (Doctor of PT 20+ years) **Dr. Ruthie Jimenez will see you for the first visit to evaluate you. Jennifer Bliven (PTA of 20+ years) If you are interested in knowing more about them click either link bellow:
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