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Whether your pain is from a car accident, an old sports injury, or just everyday pain; We can help! We combine various methods to treat pain head on to get you back to being your best self.  

pain management includes kinesiotape, dry needling, one-on-one treatment
Pain Management

Whether you had surgery or not, let us help you get better, sooner! We take the time to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness; then work on strengthening you so re-injury is prevented. 

Sports specific treatment, dry needling, pain relief
Post-Injury Rehab

Wanting to live a healthier life? We provide custom health regimens, as well as use all-natural products. Both are used to help promote health and weight loss. 

Healthy habits, custom weight loss program
Weight Loss 
& Wellness

We are able to treat many work related injuries. We use cutting edge technology to ensure you are ready to return to work safely.

return to work, physical abilities testing, high tech equipment
Job- Specific Rehab
doTerra Essential Oils
return to work, physical abilities testing, high tech equipment

We offer a wide ranging variety of Essential Oils. These are the purest, all natural oils that have many beneficial effects. 

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